David Westrop  -  Photowork


I currently live and work in Ottawa, Canada. At University I focused on psychology and sociology, so it was natural that

my photographic work would be influenced by those disciplines.

The photo projects allow me to explore specific themes I am interested in. From how our social and physical reality is mediated and

constructed, to what do we see when we look at a photograph or look through a photograph? What assumptions do we make?

The black and white work helps me to bring out the essential aspects of what I experience. It's a reaction to what I feel is an over

abundance of images flooding our vision, and drowning out a more considered experience of what we see.

I think that much of todays important photographic work needs to be looked at and accepted outside of a narrow definition of

photography. The vast number of images that we are exposed to today challenges those working within the photographic medium.

The challenge is to not become lost, of being able to find some sense of truth in what we experience, and to continue to find ways

to express it.

I use various methods to arrive at my final work, including appropriation, digital manipulation and incorporating other materials in

conjunction with the photograph. I am a photographer who uses Art.